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Welcome to Church of the Straits

Welcome to Church of the Straits

Welcome to Church of the Straits Welcome to Church of the Straits


From the beginning, missions have been an integral part of our overall ministry. Whether providing ongoing financial support to missionaries working in the field or staying on top of our denominational commitments, we take missions very seriously.   Locally, the "mission field" is wide-open, and we're constantly looking for ways to lend a helping-hand when and wherever it's needed. Our Men's Group can often be found doing work projects around town, most often helping those who are sick or otherwise unable to do the work themselves.   Here are some of the mission work we continue to support:  

Camp Michigamme 

Operation Christmas Child 

Compassion International

Northern Lights Ministries

Northern Lights Ministries is one of the most exciting ministries we support. This mission, founded in 2004 by a Kate Walugembe, a member of The Church of the Straits, serves the orphaned children of Budumbuli, Uganda. It's a mission of health, education, and spiritual support to children who have lost their parents due to AIDS and other tragedies. Kate and her husband, Peter Walugembe, have responded to God's call upon their lives, and are making a huge difference in the lives of these children and their community! 

What sets this ministry apart from other similar missions? In their own words:    

Northern Lights Ministries is a community-based organization working in rural areas near Jinja, Uganda. We cater to parentless, sometimes homeless, children to give them educational support, heath support and spiritual support. Northern Lights Ministries seeks to find the neediest of the needy children. We are determined to help stabilize each child in his home and to encourage social development. We continuously monitor the children's well-being, promote their schooling, and help them develop important life skills.